Monday, February 18, 2013

Scholarship Finalist!!!

In a loss of voice, due to screaming, and explosion of energy, expressed with jumping and running around,  I read it:

"2013 New York City Truman Finalist - Respond by February 21"

Unrealistic. The heading of this email seemed unrealistic to me.  I thought to myself, how is this at all possible? I am just Christine.  I am aware that the many things I do make me seem unique.  But I feel like so many people have great ideas and never pursue them... that is the difference.  However, I never thought that I was special enough to be the top 200 finalists. I just thank God every time I think of what happened... that I am now a finalist.  The next step is to go to New York City for an interview! That makes me anxious yet nervous because I need to do a lot of reading to prepare for the questions they will ask me.

My Promise. I told the Lord that if I won this, I would dedicate my career to Him.  As for my graduate school research, and Ph.D. research which is to come... I can't complete this sentence   With this scholarship, it means I will for sure attend the graduate school of my choice, because the money offered to me will not be the first determining factor.  

Next Step. Now that I am a finalist I am going to make sure to stay humble.  This is such an honor. Being a finalist does not mean that I have the scholarship yet.  If the Lord wants it for me, so that I may use my life more for Him, I accept!  I am currently practicing interview questions with my friend, Jas! =D

Who wins?
Well... First, incredible students with a passion for social change competed within their Universities for their University nomination.  Then, these over 600 students competed nationally.  Of those amazing 600 students, 200 were selected as finalists.  Of those 200, 50 students will be selected as recipients of the Truman Scholarship.  

What does this mean?
Scholarship money and perks! If I win this, I will be able to make so many connections to help me help others through:
This weeklong event introduces newly selected Truman Scholars to the Truman community. 

The Truman Scholar Summer Institute is an annual program for Truman Scholars. SI provides the Scholars with internships, graduate level seminars, and a summer of community building in Washington, DC.
The Truman-Albright Fellows Program incorprates public service employment, an educational component, mentoring opportunities, and participation in a community service program. The program is funded through the generosity of the Truman Foundation President, Secretary Madeleine K. Albright. 
All Truman Scholars are members of the Truman Scholars Association (TSA). 

THANK YOU!!! I want to thank all of you readers who have been supporting me the past 6 months when I was going through the application process and felt defeated by all the changes that I had to make!  Your comments were ALL SO ENCOURAGING, and your tweets gave me determination.  I especially want to thank:

Andrea from Shine On By Andrea (Spain)
You encouraged me to keep going and always told me that I could make it! Te quiero mucho!
Tiana from Season Style (Malaysia)
You pushed me academically, so that I never lost sight of school!
Donna from A Not so Secret Life (Philippines)
You helped me get BASI going and made me feel like I have support in everything!
Addy from She Got Her Own (Greece).
You always reminded me that the Lord is my strength and love!

Without the support of you girls, I wouldn't have been able to keep up with blogging, the scholarship, school, and everything else that I do!  You four are all amazing!  I am so glad that God has allowed our paths to cross!  You all inspire me and give me strength to be the best I can be, nd to keep pursuing my dreams, no matter how big!

Thankful and humbled  in Lenten prayer and reverence,


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  1. congratz! may u be in 50.. :) God be with u always!

  2. You can do it! Congrats on making it this far!!

  3. You know how glad I am about this amazing and blessed outcome.
    God's favour is with you dear for the interview.
    Have a blessed week.

  4. congrats!


  5. <3 no word can express how I feel right, but I'm VERY SURE that I'm so proud of you!! :D

    and yes, continue being humble, for that's one of the greatest gift of being a human.

  6. Hi dear! I just found your blog and I love it! Would you like to follow each other?

  7. Hi beautiful! Thank you for replying...I am following you now too
    Kisses :)


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