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Kaleidoscope of Questions

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Over the past few weeks the lack of confidence in high school girls has really come to my attention.  I use to think that these all teens did not have the same mind set.  I thought that perhaps, teens from the urban-city would see themselves differently than teens from the suburbs.  But as I spent time with teens from both groups I came to realize that no-matter where these girls were located, they are all comparing themselves to each other and looking in the mirror and expecting WHAT they want to see.  What they should really be focusing on is WHO THEY are.  How far has the weight of self-dignity shifted away from being personality based?  Excuse me, I don't mean to only refer to this group of girls as "they" because, as a young women in  American society, I know I am always comparing myself to others too.  This is what I tried to portray in these photos.  There is a fine line between fashion and art as there is in appreciating beauty and being envious of what you don't have and ungrateful for what you do have.

I find that it is not a bad thing to compare yourself to others, as long as you appreciate what your talents are. The most shocking thing about the lack of self-esteem in these teens is how much of it is based on physical appearance.  So many times people feel like they need validation from people, and based on what I have heard, this happens a lot!  Yet, with this age group, it should not be a surprise.  I have been very blessed to have parents that have supported me through all my ventures, and so I ask myself if this lack of confidence stems from a lack of parental support in the household.  I suppose there is research already completed on this subject, and if I am correct, it agrees with this recent realization I have found.

I knew that this existed, which is why I started a mini program in my city to reach out to girls on their inner and outer beauty.  What came to my surprise was seeing how this lack of confidence was omnipresent all throughout the country.  It makes me sad because I know the feeling of needing validation in your life.  My only questions are: 
When does the need for self validation transform into self pity?
When struggling through self-acceptance, is there an anxiety to the loss of self-pity, and pity from others?
Does this happen in all countries, or is this more of a first world problem?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!
Non-bloggers please comment as well!


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  1. You spoke Reality here ! Well written ! & YESS i agree comparing yourself with others is not at all a bad thing unless & until you respect your own talents ! :)


  2. Love love love your dress!!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Lovely with that mirror in the background :)

  4. Love your pictures!

    I agree with the part where you can compare yourself to others if you appreciate your talent. (:
    I'm saddened by the fact that people nowadays look at things and persons superficially, as in the physical beauty and forgotten about inner beauty etc. Most people define themselves through others validation, and it's such a pity because they are beautiful in and out.

  5. Hey girl! Sending you best holiday wishes for a great new year! Amaze us with your great style!!
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    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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