Sunday, November 4, 2012

The one day you CAN accept candy from strangers...

As you may know, this past Wednesday was Halloween!  So, I decided to dress up- like I have every year since birth.  This year I decided to go as an autumn nymph.  I chose this because nymphs are mythical creatures who are pulchritudinous, young, and love to sing and dance... pretty much care-free.  Pulchritudinous is my vocabulary word for the week by-the-way!  

 Pulchritudinous - characterized by having great physical beauty and appeal

Since I am captivated by the idea of fairy tales, chivalry, musicals, Disney princesses and meadows of flowers, taking the character of an autumn nymph seemed almost too obvious an option. So, refulgent in my costume, I lead my hoard of family members through the neighborhood to obtain our FREE sweet treats!  And no, I was not given a hard time- not once!

Refulgent - brilliantly or splendidly shining

NOT real blood- this is just make up to make him look like a vampire.  I dislike the ideas of vampires!

This ensemble only took me 6 hours to put together!
I hope you enjoyed this uncomely photo of myself!
Tights | F21

Best line of the week:
"We are just being girls taking pictures." 
followed by...


Family.  As you may well know by now my priorities in life flow as follows: God, family, school, then friends.  This week my love for my family was reignited.  I attended a Dynamic Catholic conference with my madrina (Godmother) who is also my aunt, which reinstated my love for my faith.  On Wednesday, I saw the young woman my younger cousin is growing into and have decided that I want to take a role in her life so I can help her learn about who she is not only as a young woman, but more importantly as a daughter of the Father Almighty!

It just so happens to be that my girl cousins and I are all the only daughters... this generation in my family seems to be the result of very male-bearing parents.  Being the oldest cousin of my family I am close to, I try to be someone they can look up to morally, spiritually and academically so that I can be like an older sister to them.  I sincerely try, even though I can be more goofy than even my littlest cousin!

May the Lord guide me as I try me best to guide them.



  1. Awesome outfit, I love your flowery headband! Did you make it yourself? Btw, lovely text x

  2. Anonymous5.11.12

    I enjoy reading write-up. Hope i can discover a lot more articles like this one. Thanks for posting.

  3. Thank you for dropping by :3
    Would love to follow each other, so following you on GFC and FB now.
    Lol@those pics :D. So fun & cute :D
    x, Lara

  4. Love the flower crown - so cute! I had my fair share of candy last week too, so this week I'm kind of detoxing from that. You know...with carrots and healthy stuff like that. Ugh.

  5. Anonymous7.11.12

    Such a Jelly Belly you went trick or treating ! enjoy all your candy !

    :D Rhiannon

  6. Nice photos :D
    New outfit in my blog, visit me to comment :D
    Kisses, Sara.

  7. seems like you had so much fun! nice blog.



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