Monday, July 2, 2012

Tryin' Something New

I am someone who likes to try new things in the detail.  I like consistency|structure| vacuuming| right angles| smooth surfaces clean to the touch| a Clean closet| school books in piles| pens categorized by style| jewelry displayed like a boutique| layout of my bedroom changing at least once a month.  When my bedroom is a mess-  I am doing too much. 
My consistencies have always been Church, family, and dance classes.
All else are important details.
Following these amazin' pictures is a short introduction written 4 you by me on Ethics in Fashion & RMS.
So here I'm trying something new.
That I surprisingly feel very comfortable in.
The posing felt pretty natural.
... then I started jumping
Being that I just got off crutches. Sustained injury #2 will NOT be from jumping in heels, thank you.
 I had a lot of fun mixing New investement [FP pants $36] & an Old find [Madden Girl Shoes $7]!
Love this shot! Brings me back to ballet love.
Jewelry c/o (RMS)
I hand ombred this silk blouse! 
Jewelry| (RMS)
Sunnies & Pants| Free People
Silk blouse| DIY
Shoes| Madden Girl via Marshalls

So at the end of the day I always have to ask myself: am I copying the behaviors of the world? Romans12:1-2 My fashion is my artistic expression, not my obsession for lust.

Let's Talk Ethics & Fashion!

Ethical Jewelry Stalk. I have found a great new online jewelry website RMS(Rock My Socks).  I put their banner on the right side of my blog- they are planning on going ethical!  

"We are not[currently] given information as to what goes on in the manufacturing factories.  But you are correct, we are planning to work with designers (locally) in the future to ensure that all the products we provide to customers will be ethically sound."
--Shop RMS Cofounder
Lovin’ It. This is what I like to see! Retailers taking a stand, and going towards a future where all their products have supply chain transparency, ZERO tolerance for human trafficking, fair labor conditions & workers rights.  We also watched F21 make this transition a few years back, and California enact S.B. 657
Captivating article from the UK on fair trade: "Fair Trade goes Fashion"
Obstacles. This summer I have been doing research with Dr. Trina Hamilton on ethics in the diamond trade (Tiffany&Co. is actually quite proactive in the ethical jewelry world). I am beginning to see how many brands join ethical committees. Many of these companies provide little ethically related information for the online consumer.  It is known that ethical products are more expensive than unethical due to lower wages for the workers in unregulated conditions(among others factors).  

But what are a few cents compared to a woman your age being able to have a break in her 10 hour-day shift? 
Or adequate lighting at her work station? 
Or wages which are fair to the amount of work she labored?

How much are you paid... compare this to her;  Support fair trade;  Support global justice in factories.

Fantastic.  I support RMS because they are going towards a more ethical direction. I describe them now as girly:edgy:affordable. With our help and support, ethical will be added in there!  Check them out! Shipping is only $3
Check 'em out & send 'em a quick message letting them know you support them going ethical & look forward to it! ^_^

What do you think?
Let's push for change together!


  1. Oh loving the mix of pastels! Cute outfit x Sushi

  2. Your outfit is amazing!! I love pastel colours and your ombre blouse!! This is such a perfect combination!!! Your pictures are beautiful and your sunnies suits you very well!

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  5. You look like you are having so much fun! Love the pastels, especially those mint jeans.

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  6. You look so cute! I love the jumping picture. I'm pretty sure I would have broken my ankle on the descent!


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  12. Stunning outfit and what wonderful photographs, I love the text you edited onto them!

  13. Huhu such an amazing outfit, I love the colors <3

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    I love those jeans and especially love the picture from behind! Keep up the beautiful work :D

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  16. LOVE those shoes so so much! And those pants!! I also love the quote you share. Fashion doesn't have to be a lust of the world but self expression and that's what I love about it. Thank you so much for sharing!! You have a beautiful blog :)

  17. You are a darling! I love your little comment about a messy room means your doing too much! Boy can I ever relate! So happy to meet you girl!

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  22. Hola guapa!
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  23. Cool photo shoot and combination of colors! ;)

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    good colour combination!

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  25. Love the pastel outfit, those sunglasses are so cute!


  26. love this pastel outfit! Cool blazer :)

  27. LOVE the color of your pants!!!

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  28. girl you totally rock those pastels. i wanna try that now =) its so different than my normal style, but as far as fashion goes, im always up to try new things =)

  29. you are gorgeous and you are totally rocking the color blocking trend! I love these colors combined. Fabulous as always dear:]

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  32. I am lovin' the florals (:


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