Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Beyoutiful Hope Generation: SALLY

The Beyoutiful Hope Generation are strong young women who inspire and represent what Beyoutiful Hope is all about: young women taking each and every day and trying to make a difference through Christ, and have a taste for fashion so they are looking cute doing just that!

Congratulations to OUR FIRST EVER Beyoutiful Hope Generation Recipient!!!!!!!!

Age. 21
College Major. Biological Sciences
Hobbies. Sing, piano, flute, piccolo, fellowship
Worship.  "I love music too. It is pretty much my life. I feel like I sense God the most through music. He speaks to me through the lyrics and through the melody itself. I love that it is a universal language. No matter how old you are, everyone can interpret music the way they want to"

Check out Sally's Favorite Song!

Sally's deepest form of worship is through song.  Music is everywhere, and an integral part of her life.
Edited by Sally!
Behind the Scenes.  She wanted to add a pop of color with this adorable print scarf.  So many different ways a scarf can be worn.  We went with the classical approach for this shoot.
Edited by Sally!

Today I had a photoshoot with Sally.  Sally is just the type of person beyoutifulhope represents.  A girl who takes everyday for what it is and tried to live it like Christ has taught.  What first attracted me to Sally was her smile and kindness.  She is genuinely intrigued with life, and carries an energy with her which is not common on campus.  She is a worship leader with our Campus Ambassadors chapter, and I would describe her style as girly trendy.  She typically wears bold colors but we chose this black chiffon high-low top because we thought it would catch wind better. :)


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  3. Shirt is sooo gorgeous!

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  5. This is such great work you're doing here! Love Sally's blouse!

  6. great blog! Love the concept behind this shoot:)

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  8. this is very inspirational! it's always nice to see people inspired by Christ. thank you for that beautiful comment you left on my blog :))

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  12. Amazing post and she look really beautiful, like her style!
    Thanks alot for your comment and yes the dress was actually abit too short for Church but we were actually celebrating and I believe as long has it is worn with proper bottom, it is still ok.
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