Thursday, March 8, 2012

Please VOTE for Jeniffer!

Please Vote for my dear Jeniffer Hall! Fellow blogger, mother, friend, Daughter of the King!

She is entering the Maurices Mainstreet Modeling Contest and needs your CLICK to win!  I was blessed to have won this contest last year, which was my real life fairytale, and am thus one of Maurices' First Mainstreet Models!  This is an opportunity of a life time! With your help Jeniffer can win:

$7,500 to a charity of her choice!
$1,500 giftcard to Maurices!
Free Flipcam!
Photoshoots for Maurices marketing!

I have her entry below. Please CLICK HERE and Vote!!! I know this great fashion blogging community can help make a fellow blogger's wish come true!

Vote to Win

Jennifer Hall

Age: 36
Hometown: Blountville, TN
College/University: D & D School of Real Estate
Who you are in one word: Layered
Being a model means so much more than pretty pictures and fabulous clothes. When I was younger that was the depth of thought I had about the industry. I had never pursued a modeling career or even considered it until entering the maurices contest in 2011. I want to model for maurices simply because I admire this company and the messages they convey to young women; that being yourself is the only way to be and encouraging involvement in hometown communities. I don’t want to be just a model; I want to be a maurices model! I grew up in the small town of Blountville, Tennessee; population three thousand and seventy four. While diminutive to some, its part of what makes my hometown special to me, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I am blessed with a big family and we made the most of what we had. So much of who I am stems from growing up on the farm. I filled my days helping mom and dad in the garden, watching mom churn butter, pulling up the step stool because it was my turn to the dry the dishes, or breaking beans on the front porch. In a family of seven we all had to work together to get things done; and momma always made sure we did. Living in the country, and having three older brothers, I was quite the tomboy, but I always loved fashion and beautiful images. My childhood friends still poke fun at me “always wanting to take pictures”, but it’s just who I am. I see so much beauty in life and I want to capture it all! My childhood was simple in so many ways, yet now as an adult, I see those simple ways have helped to compose the many layers that make me who I am today. Life can be difficult and I am forever thankful for the support group of friends and loved ones that surround me with a foundation of encouragement and understanding. Many women, however, deal with emotional and physical abuses that leave them paralyzed with fear and hesitant to ask for help. My choice of charity donation would go to Abuse Alternative Incorporated; a safe haven for woman and children who are mentally and physically abused. Offering a 24 hour hotline, this charity also extends batterer’s intervention programs, victim advocacy, and educational outreach. For over 30 years this organization has been there for families when they had no where else to turn, or no one else they could trust. I am inspired at the possibilities of what the winning donation could do for the lives of these victims in my community. Working to restore independence, confidence, and a healing environment; I hope to represent my hometown for maurices in giving back to this well deserved cause.hares on facebook

Demi Lovato :"Give Your Heart A Break"
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