Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

First of All Happy Valentine's Day! Weather you are single or not- to all my single ladies out there- give me a wink and smile for each other! I dressed nice and artsy patartsy for myself today! ^_^ When I bought the new pieces I told myself: "in the hypothetical situation where I had a boyfriend, I would have spent this money on him so I can pretend that the money would have been used for that, even if it went towards me..." ^_^

This is my first award! Thank You  Diva ! It's so exciting to be recognized... that means a lot to me! YAY!   ^_^   I love the feeling of appreciation!

According to the award's rules, I must share 7 things about me with you, and give the award to 15 other blogs! Here it comes:

1.  I have been to 7 schools (excluding college)
2. KLOVE Radio changed the way I live life and worship God
3. I absolutely LOVE to dance. Lyrical and Swing are my favorite styles, although I like ballet, jazz, pointe, contemporary and ballroom too. I can be found daydreaming about dance daily...
4. I am half ASIAN + half SPANISH ... which I am grateful for and people usually find interesting
5. I have never had a boyfriend, and I want my first boyfriend to Will be my last (hopefully)... meaning marriage <3
6. Real friends to me, are like family. My definition of a real friend is not taken lightly.
7. My feet are very wide... my sneakers are mens 7.5W ! O.o LOL

The next 15 to receive this award are blogs that I consider among the most versatile I follow, whether it be the versatility of the content, styles, or the vibes the one blogger manages to give off.  I really like finding blogs that do more than just fashion... the more knowledge, the better! :D  These were my top 15!  Took me over an hour to narrow it down

1. http://iwouldsorockthis.blogspot.com/ Shea was one of my first followers!  I love how she  lights up an entire shot with her great smile and confidence, making her outfits that much brighter.  Just shows the huge role confidence plays in fashion!
2. http://bijou-minou.blogspot.com/ Jamie blogs on fashion and her Asian culture! Her style follows fashion trends while mixing in timeless pieces! 
3. http://anurban-explorer.blogspot.com/  Joannie has a versatile style from urban to classic femininity.  She also blogs on life adventures she takes.  No matter what she always looks adorable.
4. http://andreainfashion.blogspot.com/ Andrea uses always finds unique and inspirational locations for her shoots which help complete her outfits!
5. http://beunique-eva.blogspot.com/ Eva is the youngest blogger I follow!  She does fashion and life.  It's great to see shots with joy and a perspective of juvenile adventures.
6. http://www.birdandtreeblog.com/ Elena. A mother and blogger, she does style, recipes and life! Her blog is filled with so much.
7. http://kaitgirl.blogspot.com/ Kati blogs fashion in a fun fresh way, bringing every picture to life with excitement!
8. http://www.leblogdelamechante.fr/ Elenore blogs in an exquisite manner with sharp images which bring a whole new perspective on everyday details. I have not yet found a blog to compare hers to! Nice, Very unique!
9. http://more2mystylediary.blogspot.com/ Ann has fun, joyous shoots with beautiful locations that make a reader smile and dimples appear ^_^
10. http://restylerestorerejoice.blogspot.com Francesca is a fashion and faith blogger who shows great fashion, an affordable way! (now that's my style of shopping)
11. http://www.hanmiaojuan.com/  Reviews on everything from life, to shows, to fashion, in a cute and girly way!
12. http://paramitadana.blogspot.com Dana does sophisticated and fun fashion in such a bubbly way. She can have serious or super girly shoots, and sometimes she takes shots from unconventional angles that make me ask, why didn't I think of that! :D
13.  http://style-pursuit.blogspot.com/  you can find all kinds of yummy dessert recipes as well as cute ways to look good daily!
14. http://dommychoo.blogspot.com/ SUPER versatile style. the soft setting makes the shoots feminine but the outfits she puts together are creative and always fun!
15. http://humanityisbeautiful.blogspot.com/ She has great DIYs and when she does style shoots they range from everyday to business attire.  I love her confidence and originality!

Congratulations ladies! And thank you to all the great bloggers out there! That's for letting me share in your artistic journeys! :)
God bless always!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day and congrats on your first award!

  2. Am so Glad learn things and beautiful facts about you, i pray your heart desire about marriage and boyfriend will be reality and always stay bless dear!!!
    Happy Valentine

  3. Wow, thank you!!! This amazing and a big honor to me :) ..but do I have to do the same now!?!? :o
    Thank you for recognizing my blog and (i dont know if you follow me.. but if yes) for following!!

  4. your such a sweetheart.
    thank you for awarding me.
    will hopefully post soon(:

    xo kaitlin

  5. Congrats dear! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.



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