Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow White Framed

Recently I have been feeling as though I have lost myself.

Who am I?  
Where has Christ gone in my life?  
Why am I not happy?  
Who am I pleasing?
What am I worth?

I realized the root of my problem is that my relationship with Christ has weakened.  I need local fellowship with young women who can help me grow in my faith and life.  I need to realize that my relationship with my Lord is more than just a credit... it is a piece of who I am.

My life is always so much more when Christ fills my spirit with determination and love and joy.

People use to always say that I do so much...since I have always had a spirit to serve others.
I think I have become engrossed in serving, and not making it Christ I am serving IN!  I need to get back to the TRUTH.  Simplicity in CHRIST.  He made so many miracles and did so many truths.  After His resurrection which was yet another one of His truths, why would He not be who He said He was?  That is the son of God!
To love as Christ and be love as Christ- the whole point of my life journey.

I did henna on my left wrist.  Henna is traditionally for Indian(as well as other countries) weddings for the bride- they can be VERY elaborateWedding Henna .
You can buy henna paste packets for around $3 from any Indian or Middle Eastern store! All you do is draw on yourself with the paste and when the paste dries, rub it off and the image remains.  It lasts about a week, but varies with each person and what kind of paste you use. super easy.

"Faith, Hope and Love.  The greatest of these is Love"
1 Corinthians 13:13

"Who I am to You" Jason Gray

"Tell Me once Again who I AM to you. Who I AM to you."
~Jason Gray

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  14. I don't think I am very religious person, I think i am agnostic, but I really respect people like you. It's great when you believe and you're thinking/doing positive things. :)

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  16. These pictures are so great! This was a really uplifting post - and I liked the slight tough of blue eyeliner on your lower lids!

  17. Ohh the snow is just so sublime.

    I wish you the best of luck in your life. I hope you fill your life with Christ and feel happy again.

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    Great post... makes you think and absolutely love that Bible verse. Such a cute winter outfit by the way. God bless!! xoxo

  22. lovely pics!kisses from germany La Folie 

  23. Great post...totally agree, sometimes we get so concerned with doing this and that, that we lose focus on Jesus and his purpose for us :D


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