Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Laci Boutique Shoot

Here is how it all fell into place...

I walked into a small town boutique in Oconomowoc, WI, USA with my Canon T3i and tripod and simply yet confidently asked if I could photographer her boutique.  After I finished shooting, I received her contact information and sent her a link to the shots I took. This is how you begin to build relationships with stores and your community, especially if you want have a specific aspiration or want to build contacts for when you enter the work force yourself.  Free Lance as a student- it is a great way to achieve these things.

 LACI BOUTIQUE photo album

Ladies... if you have a dream or want to network- go for it.  The worst that could happen is they could say no- and in that case move on to the next potential candidate!

Dream Big or Go Home!

Review of Laci Boutique A-

Atmosphere. classy, elegant, lifestyle, friendly A
Price Range.  $12 - $60 A-
Quality.  The majority of items are "a'reve" which I love,
but the blend is more acrylic than cotton B
Customer Service. Greeting when you walk in,
checked on while shopping and in the fitting room A+
Decor. The hangers are delicate and the walls are
classy and give a NYC apartment feel.  But the carpeting
detracts form this because it doesn't seem to fully compliment the furnishings. A-

This boutique just opened November 2011.  The age range is for young people who want to dress elegant to your grandparent who wants to dress fashionable.  The color palette is shades of creme and pastels, with some newer products in the bold colors(following the fashion trend). 

I wore a top from Laci Boutique for Christmas! 
I received so many compliments because it is classy and delicate.   I only wish the fabric was more cotton than acrylic.


  1. thats a cute lace top!! :)

  2. Hi!
    I am found this blog and i like it!♥
    Your look is so cute!
    I follow you, follow me?

  3. Hi!!!! Thanks so much for following and commenting on my blog. Followed! I think your blog is amazing and it's so nice to see other people dedicated to Christ! :)

    Your blog is similar to my cousin jasmine's. It's called
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  4. Oh Christine this place is so cute! I love the fashion of this place! I will be checking this place out. Love the other photos too, you are so great at what you do. ;)


  5. If i live there this will be my favorite store lol. i love lacey clothes... beautiful =)


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