Friday, December 2, 2011

Grand Opening: FREE PEOPLE

Free People crop Nordic sweater
Urban Outfitters Feather earrings
Justice Jeggings
Gap belt
EVENT: Today was the FREE PEOPLE grand opening in the Galleria Mall, Buffalo, NY.  There were gifts with purchase for the first 20, and from 5-9 there were free cupcakes from SASSY SWEETS, wine and an art auction.
DECOR:  vintage-girly style with Christmas lights, tinsel, pink and yellow.  There was a vintage bike, wooden floors, and wrapped presents on display.
EMPLOYEES:  were VERY helpful and genuine, and encouraged me to add on items on to what I already chose.  The employees were all dressed fashionably and very layered but I saw multiple girls wearing the same basic pieces (which I ended up buying... I guess the repetition is what sold it).  But when I left the sensors were still on my items- but I'll cut the girl slack because it was probably her first time at the register.  But for the prices I paid, I am glad I did not realize the sensors were still on the clothing when I arrived home!

Bottom line...               Unique, Delicate-indie clothing, excellent customer service  and are in the mood to spend over $150, I would definitely recommend this store!

Price Range                  $14 - $180
Overall experience   A-

$88 [100% Rayon]
With this piece you can layer it!
Wear a tight cropped top over it!
Wear a turtle neck under it!
Belt it, or not!

$118 [24% wool, 76% acrylic]
This is actually VERY warm! You can
even wear an infinity scarf with it!


  1. Free People is more expensive than VS! lol

    But ahhhhhh I love those! Especially the long tank.

  2. How fun! I love Free People so much. They're style is great. I hope we get a store around here soon!

  3. I love free people, when I visited New York I fell in love...I am italian, was on my honeymoon...had a fantastic time !

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  4. I never shopped at FP before but you got some great deals. I love all your picks especially the black and white sweater.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. thanks for the comment :)
    I know about Free People but haven't ordered anything. nice post btw! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. You have such a amazing blog.full of talent, cheerfulness, insights and determination. im glad to join u.:)
    thanks for dropping by my page too.

  7. That is SUCH a cute sweater! Love it :)

  8. Great purchases! Love the sweater so much and top is so pretty!!<3

  9. I love your sweater. Great pictures! xx

    fabliau from INSIDE IN INSIDE OUT


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