Tuesday, March 29, 2016

LAST CALL: Fair Trade Bundle Giveaway from Globe In!

Globe In Fair trade
Handpainted mug anthropologie le souk
Cute Fair Trade Blue Scarf
Globe In cozy Box

Just two days left for the giveaway!!!

Globe In sent me my own little bundle for a review as well, and I absolutely love this scarf. Even though it is 100% cotton, it actually captures heat to keep me warm, which was actually a surprise. I'm a fan, although I typically prefer super chunky knit or super finely woven scarves but this is a great addition to my collection. The mug is so beautifully hand painted, meaning hand wash only, and the chocolate I am deciding to give away as a gift because I'm not really into hot chocolate. As for the basket, I'm going to use it as packaging to give away the hot chocolate and something else.

For details on this giveaway bundle, click here! Don't forget to enter below.
Only U.S. and Canadian addressed entries this time. :)

Even if you don't win and want a box anyways, don't forget that you can use my coupon code for a discount. 25% off the first box of a three box series, just use the code below!

Happy Easter Week,


  1. Thank you for the chance! Your blog is so fresh ... and love this Globein site. Thanks for the intro!

    I really love the "wander" section.

  2. What a gorgeous mug! I love the colors!

  3. I love reading your updates and all about your travels!

  4. Love the aesthetic of all these glorious items. Fingers crossed!


  5. such beautiful and purposeful pieces! thanks for the good share!


  6. Nice pieces, thank for the introduction!

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