Monday, July 17, 2017

Organic Cotton + Scholarship Yoga Apparel

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Eco Ethical Workout Apparel
Organic Cotton Yogawear, Ambar Strap Back Tank | c/o Satva
All natural, organic cotton, donation participation in their India GiveBack Program
 Organic Cotton Activewear, Esha Capric/o Satva
All natural, organic cotton, donation participation in their India GiveBack Program
Running Sneakers (size E wide!) | New Balance
Not ethically produced

WOW! I found this in my drafts and realized that I never published it. Well, as some people, in some places say, "better late than never."

Okay, so I would never consider myself a gym rat nor an exercise addict (no, that was the old me). Now, I work out for the adrenaline rush, because when I don't I feel gross, and because I know that it is a great way to control stress (thank you, grad school). As an ethical fashion blogger, I make my casual fashion purchasing decisions ethically, however, I haven't yet ventured into exercise apparel. When I received an email from the ecofashion exercise apparel and yogawear brand Satva, asking to review a few pieces, of course I said yes! I especially find their scholarship program (India GiveBack Program) cool because it provides education scholarships to children of farmers who harvest the cotton used in this apparel! These photos are old so they don't sell this style anymore, but I actually have a pair of their new leggings (which I did a post on) and I prefer because the cut hugs better and the cotton is softer to the touch (so soft I use them to sleep). haha.

What are your favorite ethically made active wear brands?

Product Review
Organic Cotton Yogawear, Ambar Strap Back Tank | c/o Satva
5/5 stars for this top! The organic cotton knit is a breathable medium weight which hugs your body just enough so that any upside-down workouts will not have your belly showing. It's comfortable enough to sleep in. I also love that there are two removable cup inserts which means (yes, ladies) no bra! Not to mention the rad back design, and if you are a sweater, like me, these will be very helful for back ventilation. ;)
 Organic Cotton Activewear, Esha Capri | c/o Satva
3/5 starts for these capris. Although I aboslutely love the cut outs and how it hugs my large calves and thighs, the hip-waist cut is too straight to properly support my bottom.  I took these for a run and had to keep tugging the waistband for them to stay up. I would recommend the bottoms for people with small bottoms (AKA the less shapey ladies) and for those who do exercise which involves less rapid movement.

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful July,

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser

Happy July everyone! Although I'm in Guatemala, I am excited to share with you all an awesome event coming up in the Southern California region! The ethical fashion boutique Bead & Reel is putting on the third annual Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser in Los Angeles, California. This fashion show uses fair trade and sustainable fashion as a platform to raise awareness about the realities of human trafficking (slavery happening today). It is also a way to educate us consumers on fair trade fashions that are modern and follow current trends. A lot of people think that fair trade products are soaps and ugly scarves that look like they are from the 90s, however, just look around my blog and you will see that it is no longer true! My style ranges from classic cuts to comfy casual wear!

fair trade fashion show

Three years ago, when I was interning at Sudara GoodsBead & Reel held their first fashion show fundraiser. Unfortunately I could not make it, but if I was there this year, I would so be there! Let me know if you go and let me know how it goes! Thank you for making an impact with your purchase and your time, because investigating ethical fashion isn't always easy. YOU ROCK!

Jesus love to you always,

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

On a Cloudy Day

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field of flowers
field of flowers
made in guatemala scarf
handmade in guatemala

Infinity Scarf with Randa || Teixchel 
Handmade from nontoxic thread by Guatemalan artisans
Quetzal Backpack || c/o Kakaw Designs
Handmade by Guatemalan artisans

Back in the U.S. and enjoying a bit of early summer here with the fields of yellow flowers in every rural, free patch of land and allergies flying everywhere giving me the sniffles and sneezies. It's great to be back home for a while with family and visiting friends. It's also graduation season, including my own, so that's super exciting! 

As I'm here of course I brought some Guatemala with me. I'd like to introduce Teixchel on my bloggie, a weaving association in Guatemala where they make scarves, purses, curtains and pillows from nontoxic threads. Definitely check them out on IG too - @teixcheltejidos . They are a small start up which just began their online presence. I actually started working with them in the beginning of this year because I fell in love with their passion for tradition and taking care of their environment! :)

Well, that's all for now, have an amazing week!

Think positive, praise God,

Photo Credit: Safra from Tea n' Hunny