Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mornings on Lake Atitlan + SATVA Organic Cotton Yogawear Review

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Honestly, my favorite part of living here on Lake Atitlan is my morning run. I love looking over my shoulder and seeing this beautiful volcanic crater lake and the reflection of the morning sun on it! But when people ask me what I like most about Guatemala and I tell them, "my morning run" they usually shoot me a quizzical look followed by a light chuckle. hehe.

Eco Ethical Workout Apparel
Organic Cotton Yogawear, Ambar Strap Back Tank Bra | c/o Satva
All natural, organic cotton, donation participation in their India GiveBack Program
Organic Cotton Yogawear, Jessa Pullover | c/o Satva
All natural, organic cotton, donation participation in their India GiveBack Program
 Organic Cotton Activewear, Esha Capri | c/o Satva
All natural, organic cotton, donation participation in their India GiveBack Program
Running Sneakers (size E wide) | New Balance
Not ethically produced

Okay, so I would never consider myself a gym rat nor an exercise addict (no, that was the old me). Now, I work out for the adrenaline rush and because I know that it is a great way to control stress (thank you, grad school). As an ethical fashion blogger, I make my casual fashion purchasing decisions ethically, however, I haven't yet ventured into exercise apparel. When I received an email from the ecofashion exercise apparel and yogawear brand Satva, asking to review a few pieces, of course I said yes! I especially find their scholarship program (India GiveBack Programcool because it provides education scholarships to children of farmers who harvest the cotton used in this apparel!

So for a short review, I love love love these bottoms. I use them for running, going out, and for pilates and they don't sag in any place (unlike my older capri from Satva). The white top is a cotton blend, which is super soft to the touch and the mesh back is perfect for heavy sweating bodies, like mine. As for the black crop, it's great for people with flat chests, but isn't very elastic, so I wouldn't recommend it for someone with heavy bust. It also has removable padding which is great for you laddies who need help hiding the lady nips. hehe. That's that for my review of their product. I asked for more info on their brand multiple times but they never got back to me, so all I am going to review is the clothes quality for now. Well, I'm off to get my sweat on! Tootles!

What are your favorite ethically made activewear brands?

The traveling duck,

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Touchdown to Guatemala!

Okay, so I am almost traveled out.  I like to explore and be challenged, but it's also nice to have a home base. Honestly, I probably feel this way because it is so hard for me to actually travel and be fulfilled when I can't speak the language (aka me in Indonesia). 

And so, I just arrived to Guatemala and well, I am ready to make it a pseudo home-base. :) I'm here to do interviews with indigenous textile weavers for my thesis. As I do my interviews I am also volunteering at Maya Traditions, a non -profit social enterprise which makes accessories and home goods and has ethical tourism. I am so excited! Here are some pictures of the beautiful lake I am based out of, the famous Lake Atitlan in Solola, Guatemala alongside some snapshots of what I do. 

More to come and more to explore, stay tuned! ^_^

The traveling duck,

Monday, August 8, 2016

Fresh Guava? Yes, Please!

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Not much to say here folks, except that:
1) Guava is really yummy when it's fresh and not canned.. who knew?
2) I have never seen a cart with a built in scale before, which was driven by a bicycle (thank you Indonesia for that)
3) I love that these markets are like farmer's markets back in the US, where you can try the fruit. (Winning my heart over the uber convenient thing which I call a grocery store)

And so, this is my last post from Indonesia... back to the US for a bit, then off to Guatemala! Feeling like a little continent hopping bunny over here, but one of my nicknames is duck, so I'll stick with traveling duck. I am very ready to leave the humidity. See ya on the flip side!

The traveling duck,