Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seek Love

Blouse | Lola
Bodycon | H&M
Dress | UO
Double Wide Leather Boots | Marisota

Photos taken with love by Amy Bush. Thanks Amy! 

Even in the hardest times... find it in yourself, through Jesus Christ, to love without reconcile.

Feeling Inquisitive,

Friday, August 1, 2014

Perfection at the Beach ❤ Ethical Swimwear

Ethical Swim Bottom | Prana via Gear Coop 
low impact dyes, fair trade certified, recycled packaging
Ethical Beach Towel | International Princess Project
sewn by survivors of human trafficking paid above fair trade wage
Ethical California Republic Beach Top | Laguna Beach T-Shirt Company 
made in the USA
Swim Top | Urban Outfitters 
not ethical

Was on the search for the perfect ethical swimwear for months, and where do I find it? In California all within two weeks. I think I'm turning Cali. >.<

This may sound pathetic but for the past 4 months I have been on a treasure hunt for the perfect swimsuit for me... Christine. Let me redefine that. I was looking for an ethical eco swimsuit that was made with fair trade standards, low impact dyes, and one that fit my tushie and rode high enough so I didn't feel like I was walking around in lingerie(cuz' no one needs to see that except your spouse).  I began online and realized there was a large range of luxury ethical swimwear and vintage ethical swimwear, but nothing that shouted, "Christine, I am the one you are looking for!" But this fairytale adventure did come to a happy ending. After 6 weeks of purchasing and returning, I finally found a swim bottom that I am head over heels for! This Prana Lavana swim bottom was such a fantastic find and I got it on sale too! *points for me*

Anyways, my ethical swimwear dilemma brought me to thinking about making a blog post about ethical swimwear. All the unnecessary hours I have spent searching for swimwear should not have to be the option for everyone. So, (one of) the next upcoming posts will be an ethical swimwear guide! I hope this will add efficiency to the search process while encouraging others to make purchases that not only support communities but leave a lower impact on the Earth!If you have an option to purchase something that helps, instead of harms... why not? (Especially if you can find pieces on sale! Quality over quantity any day! I know that my purchase makes a difference in lives and leaves a mark on the planet. If there is an option to purchase more intelligently without harming your wallet, the simple question is "Why Not?"

Felling So Motivated,

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Cameraphone Life: Found another ecoactivist warrior at the Laguna Beach Tshirt Company, located right in front of Laguna Beach where I got my top. Guess what drew me in?